California Certified

Green Business

Waste Reduction:
  • All of our to-go items are recyclable or compostable This includes cups, straws, lids, boxes, utensils, bags for coffee beans and you-name-it!
  • Our coffee bags are zero waste, thanks to Savor Brands partnership with TerraCycle. Bring your coffee bag back to the shop and drop it in the Zero Waste Bin. Empty coffee bags are sent to TerraCycle where they are recycled back into raw material to produce new coffee bags. Learn more about the Zero Waste program here.
  • We offer guest incentives for bringing your own cup and containers for food Bring your own cup or food container for 25 cents off. Empty burlap coffee bags are donated to True Grass Farms They use them in the garden beds as an organic weed suppressant and say it works great!
  • Chaff, a parchment like by-product of coffee roasting is collected and donated to Meandering Farmer's It's used as bedding in their chicken coop and acts as a natural chicken litter.
  • Coffee is roasted multiple times a week based on demand This allows us to commit to serving coffee that's always fresh in our cafe too and not let anything go to waste.
  • Used coffee grounds are composted and donated to Earthworker Farm
  • Food by-product is collected for local family ranchers Their pigs, sheep and goats love eating our nutritious food scraps that would otherwise be wasted. Composted food items include: hemp-coconut pulp, egg shells, unusable produce pieces, mis-made orders, cheese etc.
  • Less than half of a percent of total goods (coffee, food, beverages, ingredients etc) are wasted All food waste is tracked and analyzed with the goal of reducing waste for the next month. We currently have .02% of product going to waste. In the food industry, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every single year.
  • Leftover deli meats are donated to the Sonoma County Humane Society Their training department loves using our pastrami, turkey and bacon for scrumptious dog treats.
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing & Toxin Elimination:
  • We buy fresh, local and organic products Our goal is to support smaller family farms that use organic and biodynamic methods.Through FEED Sonoma, we are able to make this a reality. Learn more about who we work with by clicking here.
  • We offer a curated selection of wellness drinks with a health focus We also offer vegan, probiotic, gluten-free, sugar-free and paleo friendly options.
  • A selection of our coffees are certified organic in addition to all of our loose leaf teas Not all are certified organic due to prohibitive circumstances (location, cost), through our importers, we are able to buy from coffee farmer's that are not using harmful practices. For many small farmers in rural communities, organic certification isn't easily attainable. By supporting these small farmer's by paying premiums for specialty coffee beans, we can help them re-invest in their future.
  • We pay above Fair Trade minimums for coffee Presently, the Fair Trade price for coffee is $1.40. We pay nearly double that with prices per pound paid starting at $2.80. Our average price per pound paid for green coffee exceeds $3. To be sustainable, farmer's need higher wages to reinvest in their farm, continue to grow high quality coffee and receive more money, all while supporting their communities.
  • Only Green Certified cleaning products are used in our coffee shop
  • We choose to partner with purveyors who share our values and Green Business practices
  • We purchase carbon-offsets
Water & Energy Conservation:
  • We elect to use local 100% renewable energy through Sonoma Clean Power Learn more or sign up for EverGreen by clicking here
  • Leftover water is collected to water our plants and outdoor patio garden This includes leftover water from guests, pre-heating cups and teapots, rinsing coffee filters, etc.
  • All sink faucets are equipped with low-flow aerators to save water This saves between 2-16 gallons of water a day!
  • Energy use is lowered during times of high demand When there's a flex alert we raise the AC to 78 degrees and turn off unnecessary lights and equipment. Sign up for Flex Alerts by clicking here.
  • Our cafe and roastery are equipped with motion-activated LED lights Motion sensor lights automatically turn off, ensuring we are always maximizing our energy efficiency
  • We use Energy Star appliances Energy Star is the government-backed symbol for energy efficient equipment such as refrigerators and dishwashers.

Team education is vital for us to meet our sustainability commitments listed above. We spend time educating our team members on all of our sustainability commitments and practices. Our team has made our Green Business Certification possible!

Together we all consciously make decisions to create a greener cafe environment and a greener world. You can do it too! This is a simplified list of information we found to be most relevant to share. There's always more to do but what matters most is that we all start by doing something, anything.

If you have suggestions, questions or want to learn more from us about what you can do to be eco-friendly, please reach out to us!